Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blackforest Ham

12 and I have this friend, DrZ (used to be Inno...) who has a massive thing about blackforest ham. Everytime he is peckish when playing CoH with us, he would disappear for a while, before coming back with blackforest ham. Since he is a pretty good player, he has two guys who always want to play with him (not me and 12. I can't speak for 12, but I am fascinated by this dude, who is the same age as me, has the determination to catch up to all his life's goals after, as I quoth, "played around too much in his 20s"). Our running gag was guy D was president of the "Blackforest Ham" fan club, and the other guy, its secretary and treasurer with their own "Blackforest Ham Weekly" publication.

Anyway after hearing about blackforest ham for the 100th time, I decided to buy some of it when I was at Culina. DrZ said that the ham costs about USD5 per 100g, I guess it was like 5SGD per 100g here. Almost the same...

It tasted pretty smoky, but I think I prefer apple ham. :D HM told both of us it was a German ham, anyway.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oyster Black bean Chicken Soup 蚝仔鸡汤

This is my crappy invention. Oyster Chicken soup. I was convinced that oysters are an aphrodisiac due to the German (fiction, should have known) book "In Search of An Impotent Man" I read. For those who haven't read the book before, it is not about making a man impotent. It was an ironic tale about this hot women who has been disappointed in loveby lustful men, and so wanted to find an impotent man to develop a meaningful relationship with. As contrary as a woman tends to be, after finding the perfect "impotent" specimen, she decided she did not want him to be impotent. And so she tried to "arouse" the man by feeding him aphrodisiacs, one of which being oysters.
After cooking the dish, I checked up the benefits of oysters under an online culinary guide. Turns out oysters are good for menustral and pregnant women. Oopz.

Anyway my version contains black beans, chicken, quail eggs (I thought they were a nice touch, not that you would get any benefit eating them).  Quite savory, after boiling the whole thing for hours. Es Schmeckt lecker!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breakfast 101: Bacon sandwich with crabstick salad

I love crabstick salad. It's really easy to make. Shred cooked crabsticks then mix with mayo (though in this case, I used the knoblauch sauce that B1 and I hauled back from Germany) and boiled egg bits. Dump on lettuce and munch away!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pork Chop ala Kim Gary Style

Sometimes I don't know what is my problem. I was supposed to go downstairs to buy a bottle of ketchup to make my Kim Gary Style Pork Chop, instead B1 and I came back laden with groceries costing more than $50. Wtf. 

B1 opines that the reason why I think I am spending hundreds of dollars in groceries is because I am hoarding them in the freezer. I am very reluctant to admit that he is right (don't tell him!) as I have totally ran out of space in my freezer. I have to rearrange my freezer again and free up some space. Time to eat all the German sausages I smuggled back.

To make this Kim Gary Style Pork Chop is ridiculously easy.
Pepper and salt the pork chop. Leave it for a while before dusting it with corn flour and frying. For the sauce, fry sliced garlic and then add julienned tomatoes. Fry a bit then chuck in some chicken stock (else water is fine) and tomato sauce. Serve up with sunny side up egg.