Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did you say "semen" cake?

I wanted to bake blueberry muffins on Sunday, but I was engrossed with delivering and helping to write Vater's rice dumplings. Fat bears do not do well on bicycles. Bobo said my wrestling with the foldable bike everytime is like watching a bear performing at a circus. I think wrestling with the bike made me so tired that was why I took an afternoon nap.
So I tried again yesterday evening except I was too lazy to refer to a recipe (I did google some, but decided to trial and error). I opened the can and poured half a can of blueberries, sans juice, into some butter which I mixed a bit too enthusiastically... until the whole mixture turned into a grey mixture. I just poured some milk, an egg, pinch of baking soda and sifted flour and mix the whole lot together. Still looked a bit grey, and I did not add much sugar (only like 20g, because I thought the syrup might be sweet), so I poured in the syrup.

Well, it still looked cement-like so I told Bobo, who came into the kitchen to make some honey lemon water, so. He said "what? Semen cake?"


Anyway it came out pretty tasteless, even though it did rise a little in the oven.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Roasted and fried chicken dinner with boiled corn

I tried to confit the whole chicken for hours before frying it to seal in the juices and give it a nice sheen. But I didn't try to fry it at too high a heat because I had used olive chicken and not butter in the confit.  Thereafter I roasted it in the microwave oven so that it would cook properly. I also fried the veggies in the leftover oil and born some corn to go with the meat.