Friday, November 9, 2012

Japanese cold salad for combating hot weather

Two weeks ago, it was incredibly hot in Singapore (yes, the fact that it is raining everyday now is such a 180 degree irony). Plants were visibly withering in the heat and so was I. The thought of cooking in the hot kitchen made me feel ill, but B1 is a man who is obsessed with home-cooked food so he emotionally blackmailed me into making dinner.

We compromised that I would make a salad, because it was simply too hot. I think even he couldn't harbor the thought of eating hot food in this heat. So I made Japanese cold noodle salad. I once made it at home, and even my fastidious Vater liked it.
sigh. I think I went overboard while using the microwave's thaw function
The last time I made it, the primary ingredients were vinegar and mirin. This time I dumped in natto as well. It added an interesting texture to the dish, I thought, as did the bonito flakes.
 For veggies, I used letuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, corn, endamame. I boiled some spaghetti till al dente, then dumped in the veggie, fried egg bits, and bonito flakes, before tossing the entire mixture with mirin, natto, vinegar and a bit of sesame seed oil. I chilled the salad before eating. It cooled down my inner fire quite a bit *pleased*.