Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear B1's Mother, this is what I feed Your son

B1 took revenge on my loving to tell my mother everything by telling his mother I don't feed him enough...

This is what he gets for breakfast. Is this not enough? Nuked eggs, Australian brie, Arugula salad, St Leaven's bread.

Just one bite and I have become a massive fan of this thick bread slices from St Leaven. You can buy a loaf (about 8 slices) for S$2.50, and it has a nice milk scent. :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simply Porridge

I am not sure if you know that there are at least two kinds of porridge familiar to the chinese people. One is where you boil bits of meat and vegetables into a seasoned rice soup before eating it with a fried yutiao. The other kind is known as Teochew porridge, is like a typical chinese meal with rice soup instead of plain rice and other dishes (like banchan).
I had a massive craving for Teochew porridge but because I had bought some ingredients for Japanese cooking, I ended up with a weird hoggle poggle of niku jaga, wasabi octopus, natto, preserved daikon etc.

I bought the wasabi octopus from the Isetan supermarket. It was nasty and expensive (about S$7, you can see it in its entire serving in the saucer). Don't buy it :D