Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday Lunch - fusion cod

We had two pieces of cod left in the freezer, having fed B1 sliced fish noodle soup some weeks ago then using another for my Neffe when he came and took the ghost away from my place (long story, don't ask).
Being too lazy to go out to buy groceries (I finally got to recover from two terrible weekends), I took a peek in the freezer and fridge and made this from whatever I could find. Fried cod steak, mashed potatoes with carrots and bacon chives. 

I just lightly fried the cod in olive oil, then dumped in some butter and garlic. When the garlic was golden, I put in the mushrooms and added some soya sauce and water. QED.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yam Rice

My Eltern make yam rice this way, they fry lots of garlic, shallots, dried shrimp (which they soak), yam and pour it on top of boiled rice and mix. Since I don't like prawns, dried or not, I use dried scallops. I prefer to fry garlic, onions, soaked scallops, soaked rice and julienned yam, then boil the whole mixture together.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bier soß, steak und chips

I love sunny-side eggs with steak (esp beef patties). Not sure why. Could be the Japanese anime I watch, especially Rosen Maiden, where the sister serves flower-shaped runny eggs on top of beef patties. Yumz

I made this some time ago, as usual and posted it only now. So far I have made red wine sauce, cheese saucemilk sauce, so why not bier sauce! I even tried hollandaise sauce, though that was not for steaks. It was almost eclectically Chinese because I mixed soya sauce, Chang bier, and some sugar together to make this weird ass sauce. It wasn't very bitter, gott sei dank. B1 liked it. =D

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Mittwoch Dinner

I literally got it (meaning dinner) from somewhere. I just didn't have the mood to go to violin class on Wednesday, especially since I did OT until nearly 8pm, which made class nearly pointless.
I bought honey baked chicken from the supermarket, tortilla chips (massive weakness for them), and quickly made tamagoyaki and a salad. Oopz  now just realized I forgot to take photos of my dinner with my Bruder with his family. We were picnicking in our own apartment =D. Probably a taste of what we will be doing when we go backpacking again this year.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

May I have 8 Prawns please?

B1 came home one day saying his colleague extolled on the pleasures of eating fresh prawns in medicinal soup. Since I hate prawns (that includes even prawns cooked in the same vegetable dish), it was a painful ordeal for me to even touch them. I went to the supermarket (I still hadn't summoned enough courage to visit the seafood and poultry sections in the wet market then yet). 

So I bought them at the nearby Shop and Save. I went to the seafood counter where I bewildered the counter staff and the auntie shoppers next to me when I replied "May I have 8 prawns please?" to the counter staff's "what do you want, girl?"

The expression of the auntie next to me was priceless. I later described it to my Eltern as a "WTF are you buying prawns if you are so fucking poor" face. Well, it isn't because I am poor (then again I am), it's because I thought 8 prawns were just enough for B1. 

"Who orders 8 prawns!?" My Vater lacht. He later said "next time ask them how much half a kg costs then order about 200-300g"

B1 was delighted that I bought the prawns but he refused to help clean them. So leery, I clipped each prawn gingerly and snipped off its horn and feelers. Ew.
I prepared the soup first. I chucked in some slices of ginseng that I had left over from the Samgyetang I made the other time, wolfberries, huai san, and garlic slices. Quick boil until I could smell the ginseng. I chucked the prawns in, and doused the flames. I also poured in some soya sauce to taste and a little bit of chinese wine.

"Eh..." B1 said when he saw the prawns.

"What's wrong?"

"I wanted steamed prawns in medicinal soup, not boiled." He also said he did not like prawn soup, so my soup was totally wasted on him.
If I had poured the soup over his head, I think no one would have blamed me. He said that that same colleague praised steamed prawns over boiled prawns, but that steamed prawns would have some strange egg-like consistency in the heads.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spicy Korean Rice Cakes 떡볶이

I like Korean rice cakes, even though I did not have a chance to enjoy this delightful street food while I was in South Korean, as B1 has a pathological fear of street food, even though South Korea is really clean.

I thought I would make some, because I had some chilli paste I had to use up and I was burning to try them, after buying a bag of the rice cakes at Giant. 
I adapted beyond kimchee's recipe by dumping julienned oyster mushrooms into the mixture instead. Too bad my gochujang is the aged kind, so my rice cakes looked really dark instead.